A Cinch to Keep the Saddle in Place



It can be a cinch to keep the saddle in place when you understand a little about how it works and what its use is. For a small piece of equipment, it’s important since it prevents the saddle from falling off the horse. It’s the belt, so to speak that keeps the saddles up like the band that keeps your pants up. It not only holds the saddle secure it is vital to your safety to have this item made of a tough material and fit good. The horse needs to be comfortable too. If some hair is pulled or skin bunched up you will have a grouchy horse. This scenario can cause sores on the horse as well.

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Some different size mohair cinches.
Some different size mohair cinches.

It is quite interesting to read about the different cinches that are available. The most popular and the one I have on my saddle is the mohair cinch. It has several strands of rope mohair stitched together.

It has rings on both ends and two small rings attached to a band in the middle of the cinch and placed on the outsides. These rings are for breast collars or tie-downs. The two big rings at the ends are attached to the saddle. The mohair cinches are easy to clean with soap and water.

Some pricing for the mohair cinches is $89.95, $81.45, and $79.15 depending on style.

Merino Wool:

The merino wool cinches look nice with the wool that lines the cinch being next to the horse. It also looks comfortable for the horse, kind of cozy like.

The only negative I read about this cinch was when out on the trail, you will probably bring home a lot of the brush and stickers with you. Everything seems to want to bond with the wool. But then this one is easy to clean too and comes apart for that purpose.

The price tag says $54.45.

A merino wool cinch.
A merino wool cinch.



The neoprene cinch boasts of being strong and durable. It’s easy to clean as well. It can be taken apart and washed with soap and water by hand. This cinch causes a lot of sweat and may cause sores and an uncomfortable horse.

The neoprene cinch ranges in price from $53.95 to $62.95.


A Smart Cinch:

Another horse belt to consider is a Weaver Smart Cinch that is felt lined. That sounds comfortable too. These and other like cinches have a feature called a “two roller design” that makes it easy for anyone to cinch up the saddle at the beginning of the process. I always have to walk my horse around a bit then tighten the cinch before I mount to make sure it won’t slip. With this roller technology, the saddle is snug when you first tighten it and stays that way.

These are some of the Smart cinches.
These are some of the Smart cinches.

These are some choices to consider when making the decision to buy a new cinch. You always want to have one that is in good repair. When a cinch starts to show signs of wear, it would be a good time to think about a new one. Keeping it clean and in good shape should give your cinch a long life.

The cost for this cinch varies in the range of $53.95 to $69.95.

Be sure and check out styles, colors and other pricing at http://horsesaddleshop.com/cinches.html.

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