Ariat Cowboy Boots: the Brand

My Ariat, Fatbaby boots. So pretty and comfortable

Overall Rank:

The Ariat brand cowboy/cowgirl boot mostly rank in the 4.5 to 5.0 range.

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Ariat boots are made for men, women, and kids. They are not only come in a riding style but also for those barn mucking duties and times in the fields fixing a fence or whatever the day may bring.

They are made with the working cowboy and cowgirl in mind both on the ranch and trips to town. They are pretty enough for those occasions such as out on the dance floor or any other special moments.

The Ariat boot comes with a square toe, medium toe, round toe, even steel toe.

Pros and Cons:

They are all pros, I couldn’t find any cons.

There are boots for women, men, and kids too. For the kids, there is a technology called Wiggle Room that I explain a bit more about below.

Product Specifications:

The Ariat Boot Technology is one boot that boasts all day, everyday comfortable fit for riding, walking, and working. They support with four layers rebound cushions. The boots are strengthened with a lightweight shank. This is an entry-level technology.

The mid-level technology of the Ariat boot is called Advanced Torque Stability. There are gel-cushioning and the ability to keep the feet cool as well as dry. This is the technology used in most of the boots made.

The ATS Max has a lot of extras taking care of shock absorption and keeps you and the boot strong with support. The soles are Duratread, reducing slipping and sliding.

Cobalt has been designed to take care of the hard-working, everyday cowboy or cowgirl who needs a lot of comfort and support for their feet. They also have the gel and EVA strike buffer for the shocks a cowboy encounters during their day.

Wiggle Room:

Ariat keeps the kids in mind as well with their technology, called Wiggle Room. This lets the boots adapt to a child’s growth by using a Booster Bed that can be taken out as the youngster grows.

Story Behind the Boots:

The Ariat name is a brand name for western cowboy and cowgirl boots. According to Wikipedia Ariat is the idea of Beth Cross and Pam Parker. The two sought the expertise of engineers in footwear. They explored what was best for riding boots in both Western and English types of riding.

They first hit the market in 1993.

I know as an owner of a pair of the Probaby style, they are comfortable to walk in as well as ride. At times I’ve had to trek out to the pasture a way to catch my horse. My boots got me there and back to the barn. Read my story here.

I’ve read a few comments saying that the boots are ready to wear right out of the box, no breaking in.

The boots can be an everyday footwear and the price is great.

One more comment stated how much they liked the craftsmanship and they were well made and fit good.

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3 thoughts on “Ariat Cowboy Boots: the Brand

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  2. Hello, very interesting post. I was never quite sure what Ariat cowboy boots were but this has been super informative! Lots of information and history.
    Curious how long these boots last for?


    1. Hi Kyle,
      Thank you for stopping by. Glad you know a bit more about the Ariat Cowboy boot. As for your question about how long these boots will last, I suppose it would depend on how much work and riding a person does. I bought my pair several years ago and they are still in good shape. I expect to go on a lot more rides in them before I retire them. 🙂


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