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Horse Riding Vacation: Pennsylvania

Malibu Dude Ranch

Contact Information:

351 Foster Hill Rd

Milford, PA 18337

Phone # (800) 862-5428



In Pike County and in the Pocono Mountains of north-east Pennsylvania is the site of the Malibu Dude Ranch. On 800 acres guests are invited to live the cowboy way of life for a few days. There is a lot of horseback riding on trails venturing through wood lined trails and mountains.
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Patsy Montana: Country Singer, Songwriter, Cowgirl

Patsy Montana wasn’t the rodeo cowgirl kind, but she was a cowgirl. She sang songs for and about the cowgirl. Here is a short peek into the life of a singing cowgirl who was a yodeler, an actress, and songwriter.

Patsy’s real name was Ruby Rose Blevin. She was born October 30, 1908 in Beaudry, Arkansas. One source said she was born in Hope Springs, Arkansas.

She came by her performance name when she worked with Monte Montana, a silent film actor and champion cow roper.

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Fannie Sperry Steele: First Lady Bucking Horse Champion

Fannie Sperry Steele is another real cowgirl like Lucille Mulhall who lived around the same time, 1887-1983. I wonder if they ever met and shared stories. I bet that would make for some great tales to tell around the campfire out on the range.

Cowgirl Bucking Champion

As the title says Fannie became the first lady bucking horse champion, not only at the Calgary Stampede that day, but of the world. The event took place on September 1, 1912. Fannie drew the bucking horse, Red Wing who had recently killed a cowboy bronco rider.

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