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Lucille Mulhall Cowgirl

A rodeo scene

Lucille Mulhall was certainly a cowgirl. From being part of a family who participated in the Oklahoma land rush of 1889 to winning roping and riding competitions against cowboys, she earned the title.

Lucille was born October 21, 1885 (only four years old when her family claimed their 160 acres in the land claim). Lucille sure had the land to roam over which she did. The 160 acres soon grew into eighty thousand acres, some of which was leased, but the family lived there and used it so had the rights to it. Continue reading Lucille Mulhall Cowgirl

What is Natural Horsemanship?


Riding on the beach would be a fun ride.

Everybody has a different point of view on this subject, I’m sure. I’ve read some don’t like the term, that it’s not anything new. Is it a new package wrapped hiding good old fashion bonding with an animal?

If natural horsemanship can be traced back to Xenophon an ancient Greek military man (more on him in a bit) then it’s definitely nothing new. Continue reading What is Natural Horsemanship?

My Cowgirl Attitude or Growing up Cowgirl


Hi, I’m Judy. Welcome to my horse site. Enjoy!

I envied the girls who have grown up on ranches. They were riding horses before they could walk. They also had their mom’s and dad’s and possibly other family and ranch hands that helped them learn all the cowgirl arts of roping, riding, how to take care of your horse, and even shooting a gun.

I would like this site to be about the cowgirl life as I know it and dream it. I’m sharing stories and thoughts on different parts of the cowgirl life. I would like you to share your thoughts and dreams in this area. So I welcome you to my horse loving site.  Continue reading My Cowgirl Attitude or Growing up Cowgirl

Back Then…

My first pony, Blackie.
My first pony, Blackie.

When my parents bought my first pony for me the western style riding tack; saddle, blanket, bridle, halter with lead was included. I never had a thought about it except it was all pretty and sure made me feel like a real cowgirl. The leather creaking and my feet in the stirrups and my hands holding the reins, my pony and I rode the pasture chasing dreams. Continue reading Back Then…