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Names of Famous Horses

I watch an old movie or cowboy western show and my thoughts wonder what is that horse’s name or this one?

Once in a while the cowboy will talk to his horse calling it by name. But most of the time they are too busy galloping over the hills to the rescue or after the outlaws.

Laredo and Lawman

One of my readers mentioned Peter Brown and his role in Laredo and wondered the name of his horse he rode. I recall Peter Brown in several westerns so I looked around and did some research and found the following. Continue reading Names of Famous Horses

Who Rode Joe D? And Other Famous Horses

Joe D image

As one gets into the story line of a well known western TV show do you wonder who the horses might be? Who rode Joe D, Buck, or Razor? These and many other horses were kind of in the background. They were almost just a prop. Or were they? I’d like to think not. The horses were hard working actors just like their riders. They were well cared for and loved by their cowboy counter part. They formed a partnership within the story frame and sometimes outside the picture. Continue reading Who Rode Joe D? And Other Famous Horses

Ten Horse Actors I Remember

A golden Palimino
A golden Palimino

Animals in many forms have become famous for their acting as well as the human actor. The horse actor is no exception. When those horses raced across the screen it was quite thrilling to watch. I’d loose my breath as they made those quick turns around rocks and through the trees and brush chasing the outlaws.

Who do you think of first when the subject comes up? Probably Trigger, Roy Rogers golden Palomino that galloped over the range for Roy as he saved the west from many a bad man. Continue reading Ten Horse Actors I Remember

Who Are Some Well Known Horses?

Racing to the finish line.
Racing to the finish line.

When people think of famous horses, it seems race horses come to mind first. When I first thought about who some well known horses were I thought of Trigger and Mr. Ed. Is that the difference between a cowgirl and everyone else? Hmm.

To begin my search of who some well known horses are and were I went to Wikipedia. This resource has quite a list and of course the first section is race horses. Further down horses are itemized as show jumpers and competitive horses. Military horses are gathered here too. A general list covers other horses who are remembered for one thing or another. These are the horses I have heard of. There are so many interesting facts about these horses, some sad and all give a magnificent picture of the beautiful and majestic animal we call the horse. Continue reading Who Are Some Well Known Horses?