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Comanche: An Honorable Horse



I like history, especially what is considered old west history. A lot is written about the outlaws, gunfighters, and the lawmen of the day, but I’d like to write about a horse. His name was Comanche. It’s been said he is the lone survivor of the 7th Calvary that fought with Custer at Little Big Horn.

A horse is out there in the battle field because his rider rode him there. They are still a horse, prone to run in fright when things get scary in his world. A Calvary horse is trained to go into a fight and stay by their soldier, most of them to the last. Comanche did likewise. In his case he survived his many wounds and apparently overcame the stress of being in a war scrimmage. He was found in the Little Big Horn River a while after the battle was over. Continue reading Comanche: An Honorable Horse