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Horse Attitudes: Ears Indicate Mood

When I want to ride, like I’ve said in another blog, I want to know what kind of mood my mare is in. Is she eager, happy to see me or is she mopey? Maybe

One of Poppy's oblivious moments.
One of Poppy’s oblivious moments.

she has an I don’t care attitude. There’s been a time when every sound makes her perk up and look around. Her big brown eyes are bright and alert. Her ears are pointed towards what has caught her attention. Other times she seems oblivious to her surroundings and ignores me.

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Disposition in Horses: Blood Types or Mishandling

It appears that horse breeders agree the mare gives 60% to 80% of her genes to her newborn filly or colt in the area of emotional, physical, and mental aptitudes. There are breeds of horses that are known for their good dispositions. Some of those would be the Appaloosa who is known for their gentleness and even a readiness to please their owner. It’s said the draft horse has the best temperament. I always think of the Clydesdales and they being the gentle giants of the horse world. They seem to be always steady and don’t get excited and bent out of shape like some horses. Continue reading Disposition in Horses: Blood Types or Mishandling