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The Best Horse Riding Helmet

One style of Troxel helmet.
One style of Troxel helmet.

Troxel is the best horse riding helmet out there, in my opinion.

I’ve thought I should buy a riding helmet. I’m an older lady and should use all the protection available. My friend I ride with wears the headgear. She never says I can’t ride with her because I don’t have one, but I have read of others who do say that. Or they won’t give a person riding lessons unless they wear the protective headgear. This has led me to find out about the best horse riding helmet out there. Continue reading The Best Horse Riding Helmet

Ride On an Abetta Saddle


An Abetta Saddle

Going on long rides it’s important that the rider is comfortable as well as the horse.

What can I say about the Abetta saddle? I can’t say enough. As a satisfied owner, I think it’s one of the best saddles made for the horse owner today.  It’s easy to use and easy to ride on. It certainly fits the criteria of comfort for both horse and rider.

     Product Description:

  • Made in the US
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ralide ® saddle trees
  • Reasonable Price (I paid $350. for mine eight years ago)
  • Four-star rankings

A Bit of My Story:

I’d been given a saddle for a birthday even though I didn’t have a horse at the time. I had hope that I would own one someday. That dream day came, but the saddle I had was way too big for my petite mare.

I had no idea what to buy, the thought of buying one period kind of put a damper on the horse buying experience. Now I had to put some thought into the purchase, figure this out on my own. When my folks bought my pony for me the saddle and bridle had come with the pony.

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Ariat Cowboy Boots: the Brand

My Ariat, Fatbaby boots. So pretty and comfortable

Overall Rank:

The Ariat brand cowboy/cowgirl boot mostly rank in the 4.5 to 5.0 range.

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Ariat boots are made for men, women, and kids. They are not only come in a riding style but also for those barn mucking duties and times in the fields fixing a fence or whatever the day may bring.
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Best Trail Riding Saddle Features

Poppy and me out on the trail.
Poppy and me out on the trail.

Being out there in the wilderness, the wide open spaces, or steep mountain trails, the rider should first think comfort for his horse and himself. Knowing what best trail riding saddle features to look for will make for a more enjoyable ride.

There are a lot of saddle styles out there. For me, I start thinking of the lightness of the saddle. The Australian types and the Abetta style are two that are lightweights. Continue reading Best Trail Riding Saddle Features