My Favorite Type of Riding: The Western Horse


Are you ready to go on a ride?  The horse is all tacked up in his western gear.  He is a pretty sight.  He has a leather headstall with bit and reins.  The saddle is leather also with lots of tooling motif on it.  A thick pad keeps the saddle from rubbing the horse and making sores.  These pads and blankets are good-looking and colorful with stripes and designs.  Makes one raring to straddle the horse and hit the sagebrush trail.

There are different types of saddles, but the western one has a pommel and horn in front and the back part called the cantle is raised.  Your boots fit into the stirrups and a gentle squeeze from your knees makes the horse go forward.  Now the cowboy or cowgirl can ride along to the sway of the horse.  I was told a long time ago to act like a sack of potatoes when in the saddle.  Then you can learn your balance and how the horse moves and it will help you to relax.

Sometimes I will tense up not meaning too, but because I’m not really paying attention.  This can make your horse nervous and start wondering what there is out there to be afraid of.  Then if he can’t figure it out and you are still nervous he’ll bolt for the barn thinking there is some kind of danger out there.  A horse is a prey animal so his instincts tell him to run from something scary.  If he’s been well trained he should know to listen to you first before he goes taking off.

With the creak of the leather and the clomping of his four beat walk, you’ll be carried away for a very pleasant ride on a trail, through a forest, or on a cactus scattered road where the cowboys of old may have ridden.


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