Natural Fly Repellent for Horses

Well I know it’s not quite time for fly spray yet, but I think it’s probably time to start thinking about what kind you would like to use. Do you want the traditional, chemical kind or do you want a natural fly repellent for your horse? For me I would like to try the natural stuff.

I discovered a natural spray called Natuvet Natural Horse Spray Concentrate. I have not tried it, but it has the herbs Rosemary, Cedar Oils, and Citronella in it that gives it a nice herbal smell I want to give it a try. The fact that it is made in the USA is another plus for this product, in my opinion.


The fly spray is easy to use and mix. It does have to be mixed with water. The suggested five parts water and one part concentrate can be adjusted to preference. Shake the mixture up good.


Before spraying it on, groom your horse well, making sure as much dirt and loose hair is cleaned off. Then spray, holding the bottle a few inches away. Apply on the neck, down the shoulder, back, legs, and rear. Use a clean cloth for around the head, ears, and eyes.

Repeat this process when it looks like the fly’s and gnats are getting bad again.

One pesky critter.
One pesky critter.

Pros and Cons:

Some liked this spray, not only to repel the annoying bugs, but thought the product worked well as a conditioner for the horse’s coat. Another thought, was it seemed to help with keeping the skin irritation called rain rot from forming.

Some cons were the fact that it had to be put on quite often.
Most of the users said they would keep using it and recommend it to others.

Homemade Sprays:

I found some homemade fly solutions in researching this subject. The recipes had been extensively tested. Sounded like only one of the four worked very well.

This one seemed to help keep the pests away, but didn’t kill them and only kept them away for a short time then they needed to be sprayed again.

For me if the spray only works for an hour or so would be hard for me. When I go to spend time with my horse, I can only be there for an hour or two. So I’m not there all the time where I could run out and spray more repellent on her.

If you want to check these recipes out they are at and Moniteau Saddle Club site. They say use at your own risk and I echo their words.


In my opinion I will try the store bought product, Natuvet Natural Horse Spray Concentrate first and see how it works. I will let you know.

I’m a little disappointed in not finding a really good horse fly spray, either a homemade version or store bought.


I say again in closing, if you decide to use a homemade version of fly spray it will be at your own risk. I don’t endorse any of these products.


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