Natural Thrush Treatment for Horses

Thrush is both a noticeable malady and can go unnoticed too. When you become aware of this hoof problem it lets off an awful smell and then other times it doesn’t have any odor at all.

The frog.
The frog.

What Causes Thrush?

Thrush in a horse’s hoof is caused from wet areas caused by nature’s moisture as well as urine and manure. If the horse is standing around in it all the time this can bring on thrush.

I also read that a horse can contact thrush when they are shod and the frog is not having contact with the ground, which makes the blood flow better through out the hoof.

My horse didn’t get thrush from having shoes because she hasn’t had shoes on since I bought her in 2009.

Other ideas of thrush causes is feed. If there are some nutrients that are absent, this can bring on this hoof problem as well.

Since my horse doesn’t have to stand around in a wet area I’m thinking maybe her feed is not quite right and that is why she suffers with this.

What Can Be Done About Thrush?

There are some over the counter remedies you can pick up at the feed store. I don’t know anything about them. I have not tried any of them. I would talk to a vet about it or your farrier or even the clerk at the store may have some thoughts.

My little mare, Poppy battles with thrush, but it doesn’t seem to bother her much. On the other hand I want to do what I can for her so it doesn’t get worse.

I have tried a couple of natural remedies. The first one was recommended by my farrier a few years ago. He said use the diaper rash cream on gauze and stuff it into the hoof and frog area and tape it on with duct tape.

It didn’t always stay on for very long, but he said even if it stayed on for fifteen to twenty minutes would help. I did this for awhile and it seemed to help, but didn’t get rid of it completely.

Looks gross, but it's just the cotton and triodyn.
Looks gross, but it’s just the cotton and triodyn.

Now a few years later I have a new farrier because I moved to a different area. He has suggested mixing honey with Triodine 7%. So I soak a cotton ball in this solution and stuff it in the narrow space on her heel. It’s messy and looks awful as you can see from the picture. It’s just the cotton ball and brown iodine mix but it makes it look gross.

This is suppose to dry up the thrush and therefore clear it up.

I also tried cleaning the hoof with a bleach and water mixture, but this can dry out the hoof too much. I really don’t like using bleach. Seems a bit harsh.

Discovering the cause of this hoof problem is kind of a cause and affect to find out what is actually keeping the thrush thriving.

Thanks for stopping by my hitching post. Please leave a comment or ask a question. I’ll do my best to answer. Do you have a thrush problem and remedy to share. I’d like to hear about it.

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