Riding Open’s the Heart

Cowboys at a round-up.
Cowboys at a round-up.

Riding my horse out in the sagebrush covered land opens my heart wide to thoughts of the cowboys who rode here in the far western past.  I know there were cowgirls and Indians too.  I can imagine the Indians riding their painted ponies with no saddles and probably a length of rawhide for a bridle.  They had a freedom with their horses that I can only dream about.

The cowboys may have had saddles and bridles, but they still rode as brave.  They herded cattle through the deserts and across rivers.  They galloped hard to chase after runaway cows up and down canyons and rolling hills.  I won’t leave out the cowgirl which some of them rode fast and hard alongside their cowboy husbands.  They were just as hardy and daredevil riders as anyone.

I grew up with visions of being out on the open range, living on a ranch, and raising and training horses.  I haven’t gotten to do any of that, but I can relive the dream every time I watch an old western with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood.

All things western is a heritage to keep alive.  In my little, tiny part of the world I’d like to keep it going.  There is certainly something about the cowboy/cowgirl way of life.  The soft spoken cowboy lives by an honor code that has become known as the Code of West.  The cowgirl has her set of ethics and the Indian live their long line of traditions handed down through the centuries.

I look up at the blue sky, there are a few clouds.  The mountains covered with Barnaby thistle, sagebrush, and pine trees are the same as when earlier cowboys, settlers and Indians were here.  I’m having the privilege to be astride my horse under these same skies feeling a breeze as it travels through and round the same mountains that the cowboy rode by in the old west days.

Out on the sagebrush trail.
Out on the sagebrush trail.

As in any era they come and go, but the spirit can live on in those who care and are interested in the western way of life.  Every time you go out on a trail with your horse take a step back in time to the old west and be once again with the spirit of those cowboys, cowgirls, and Indians who galloped the hills and trails back in the their day.


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