Saddle Pads: Choosing the Right One Made Easy

A nice thick pad protecting the horse’s back.

Are you in the market for a new saddle pad for your horse? Is the one you are using a little thin and frayed?

How many ways are there to find and choose the right saddle protection? Where does one begin? Well, has the process already for the buyer. So not only will you know which one best to buy for your horse, you will also get a choice of colors and styles, and price.

Searching Out the Right Saddle Pad has taken the work out of searching for the right padding for your horse. On their first page, they have a box titled “Whoa There Rein in Your Results”. With this clever, catchy wording it shows top manufacturers and tells what material is used, the shape, what riding style to use each pad for, and the price. You can compare side by side.

On the right side of the screen, there is an arrow beside the words “Choosing the right saddle pad”. This helps the buyer choose the best product for their riding needs. There are several choices in the buying process. The buyer can choose which material is used; do they want fleece, felt, neoprene, closed cell foam, open cell foam or one with gel inserts. Each of these is explained in detail with pictures.

If you are riding all day on the trail or a competing cowboy or cowgirl you will want to be comfortable in the saddle. The horse will do a better job if he’s comfortable too. There is less chance of an accident and less chance of sores on your horse’s back.

What Shape is Your Horse’s Back?

Another way to go about choosing the right product that is protecting the back of your horse is by the shape of your horse.

My pretty purple saddle pad.
My pretty purple saddle pad.


Swayback horses and High Withered Horses:

Contour pads are advised for a horse with high withers or a horse that is sway back. They actually have a pad named Swayback for that conformation of the horse. Another one for the high withered horse is a Built Up Pad. It’s like the name implies and helps keep the saddle off the withers making it more comfortable for the horse. There is one more pad for the high withered horse; it’s called a cutout. It has a cutout area so that the blanket is not sitting directly on the withers.



The horse that has a wide, flat back that shows no distinct high point is called mutton withers. For the horse with this profile, the straight pad would be a good choice to put under the saddle.



A horse with a short back is happy with a round type of pad.


Ortho Sport:

One more type of back protection for your horse if they have strong developed shoulders and also may have high withers is called Ortho Sport.


I saw prices ranging from $49.95 to over $200. You can find the one that fits your horse and your budget at the link provided below.

So this is the rundown of the very important back protection that every horse needs between him and the saddle. With so many styles and colors to choose from the buyer should have no problem finding the right fit and type for their chosen mode of riding.

There is an in-depth article on saddle pads at Wikipedia here if you’d like to read more on the subject.


Ride on over to  and take a peek at what they have to offer. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. They make it easy to keep your equipment color coordinated as well.


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