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Toys for Horses

Toys for horses
Is it my turn or yours?

Toys for horses is a subject never crossing my mind. I had not thought about horses and toys in the same corral. But some horses like to push and kick a ball around or nose at an apple flavor toy swinging in their stall.  I love to watch TV shows about horses and clinicians; trying to keep up with what is going on in the wonderful world of horses. I learned about horse toys while watching one of these shows. Continue reading Toys for Horses

What Are Horses Thinking?


The day is overcast, snowy, and cold. It’s a dreary day, no other way to describe it. The clouds are gray and hug the surrounding mountains in a shroud of somberness.

The snow wafts down slow, softly and quietly. I even stick my tongue out to catch a flake or two like I did when I was a kid.

These are some of my thoughts, but I wonder what the horses are musing about.

All the horses are standing around turned this way and that way. Their heads are drooping. What are they thinking? Are they wondering when warmer days are coming? Or maybe the next flake of hay?

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