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Riding Open’s the Heart

Cowboys at a round-up.
Cowboys at a round-up.

Riding my horse out in the sagebrush covered land opens my heart wide to thoughts of the cowboys who rode here in the far western past.  I know there were cowgirls and Indians too.  I can imagine the Indians riding their painted ponies with no saddles and probably a length of rawhide for a bridle.  They had a freedom with their horses that I can only dream about. Continue reading Riding Open’s the Heart

History of Rodeos


Where Was the First Rodeo?

On July 4th in either 1864 or 1869 (I’ve read both years in two different places) two ranches near Deer Trail, Colorado, got together to resolve an ongoing argument. The cowboys were always arguing about who was the best at roping, riding, and other ranch duties. So on this day they got together to hash out who was best. This day in the history of rodeos has been named as the first rodeo.

I wonder if they ever discovered who was the best. I didn’t find any answer to which ranch won out or what cowboy came in first in an event. Maybe it was all a draw. After all riding, roping, and herding cows was what they did all day, every day. They were all excellent cowboys and knew their job. Continue reading History of Rodeos