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A Pinto or Paint; Paint or Pinto?

I’ve often wondered what the difference was between paints and pinto horses. I’ve asked, gotten an answer, then promptly forgot until the next time I thought about it. I would be kind of mad at myself because I couldn’t remember what I’d been told. I’d think I should know, I love horses and want to know all about them, why can’t I remember simple little things like differences in colors, things about conformation, and even the names of horse parts.


So once again I have asked the question, what is the difference between a paint horse and a pinto horse? The simple answer I got was a paint horse is brown and white and can be tri-colored; brown, white, and black. The pinto is only black and white. Well, that was easy for me to remember. I’d just think of Little Joe Cartwright and his horse Cochise, the black and white horse he always rode in the Bonanza series. All other colored horses are paints.

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