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My Cowgirl Attitude or Growing up Cowgirl


Hi, I’m Judy. Welcome to my horse site. Enjoy!

I envied the girls who have grown up on ranches. They were riding horses before they could walk. They also had their mom’s and dad’s and possibly other family and ranch hands that helped them learn all the cowgirl arts of roping, riding, how to take care of your horse, and even shooting a gun.

I would like this site to be about the cowgirl life as I know it and dream it. I’m sharing stories and thoughts on different parts of the cowgirl life. I would like you to share your thoughts and dreams in this area. So I welcome you to my horse loving site.  Continue reading My Cowgirl Attitude or Growing up Cowgirl

Riding Open’s the Heart

Cowboys at a round-up.
Cowboys at a round-up.

Riding my horse out in the sagebrush covered land opens my heart wide to thoughts of the cowboys who rode here in the far western past.  I know there were cowgirls and Indians too.  I can imagine the Indians riding their painted ponies with no saddles and probably a length of rawhide for a bridle.  They had a freedom with their horses that I can only dream about. Continue reading Riding Open’s the Heart

A Perfect Riding Day

Ready for a ride.
Ready for a ride.

I walk out to the pasture where my horse, Poppy is grazing.  She sees me and heads my way.  I like that.  I’m glad I don’t have to chase her around the pasture.  It’s so nice when they come to you.  Sometimes on her way to greet me she gets sidetracked by the grass and starts grazing again.  I grin and sidle right up to her and pat her on the neck and back.  She lifts her head and sniffs at me and goes back to eating.  I gently lift her head and slip the halter on her.  Then we go to the tack room and get ready for a ride. Continue reading A Perfect Riding Day

Horse Riding Vacations: Nevada




Cottonwood Guest Ranch:

The ranch is located at HC 62 Box 1300 O’Neil Rt. Wells, Nevada 89835. Contact phone is (775) 275-0593. Other numbers are 888-269-2022, (775) 472-0453, or (775) 472-0817.

Email is info@cottonwoodguestranch.com and the website is www.cottonwoodguestranch.com.

Visitors can stay between May and September. There is room for twenty folks.

The Smith family run cattle and horses and have been doing so for six generations.

Cottonwood ranch has a couple different offerings to take advantage of. They invite you to bring your own ATV’s or your mountain bike to use to explore miles and miles of their land. You can come back to the lodge for the night or you can opt to camp along the trail.

The ranch offers retreats for businesses, family reunions, and they can host a wedding. If you so desire you can park your RV and there will be all the hookups needed. Continue reading Horse Riding Vacations: Nevada