These Boots Were Made for Riding


Me and my brand new cowboy boots, back in the day.
Me and my brand new cowboy boots, back in the day.

I was getting my first pair of cowboy boots. Needless to say I was excited. With a pair of real cowboy footwear I’d be the real deal. After all I had a pony, saddle, everything a cowgirl needed…except those boots. I even had the hat, cowboy shirts, and everything else cowboy. It was past time to have a pair of real western boots like all the cowboys and cowgirls wore.


No More Tennis Shoes

I didn’t realize at the time, but tennis shoes is probably the worst of the worst in footwear for riding a horse with saddle. They are okay if riding bareback, but not with stirrups. I’m sure my parents didn’t have a clue either. The only thing worse would be sandals or flip flops.

At the Wigwam store I believe, (I don’t think those stores are around anymore.) I’m trying on boots. I don’t know how many pair, but I had to get just the right ones. My mom was so patient and kind.  She would sit and indulge me with smiles as she helped me pick a pair to try on. I finally settled for a black pair with the top part in diamond shape designs and white stitching. The colors were red and white.  I thought they were pretty showy.

I wanted to wear them all the time. My mom took a picture of me with my new boots. I felt kind of silly because she wanted my pant legs stuffed inside the boots so the flashy colors could be seen. Made sense I guess, but I pulled my pant legs out soon as the shuttered clicked.

I wore those boots out before I outgrew them.


Second Hand Boots

The second hand. not so pretty boots I wore.
The second hand. not so pretty boots I wore.

Years went by. I didn’t have a horse so didn’t need a pair of cowboy boots. If I did get to ride I was wearing second hand boots found at yard sales. They didn’t look good or were they very comfortable. Glad I didn’t have to walk in them.

My Ariat, Probaby boots. So pretty and comfortable
My Ariat, Probaby boots. So pretty and comfortable

Finally a New Pair

One day some six years ago, I bought my next pair of brand new cowboy boots. By that time the style had changed. I knew what I wanted. The square toe and a leather color, not anything fancy, a good pair of boots to make me feel like a cowgirl again. My pair are the Probaby style and are a Sunshine/Apple Red.

I had found my perfect pair and I’m still wearing them. I love they way they look and feel. They fit in the stirrups mighty fine.

One of these days I will probably buy another new pair because there are so many pretty colors to choose from. It’s like you can’t have just one pair of shoes, so it is with cowgirl boots, can’t have only one pair.  I wrote a review on Ariat brand cowboy boots here.

This ones for my mom, with jeans tucked in. :)
This ones for my mom, with jeans tucked in. 🙂

They come in several different colors and styles and a lot of them are on sale now. Check them out at at

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