What Riding Gear Should the Horse Wear?


Sometimes it’s a headache to figure out what to wear for the day.  Where it can be stressful for us humans, the horse doesn’t have to worry about it.  His only worry would be if the saddle didn’t fit right and was rubbing on his back or the bit is sagging in his mouth or maybe too tight and is gagging him.  With that in mind horse riding gear is important to fit right and do the intended job.

When I bought the horse I have now I also had to buy a saddle.  The one I had was way too huge on her.  My little mare is small and petite.  The saddle I had would almost fit a work horse in comparison.  Luckily for me I had a friend who knows horses and horse gear.  She told me about a saddle that was light weight as well as could be custom fit to be the right size for my horse.  How cool is that?  I thought.  Actually any saddle can be custom built to fit you and your horse, it’s just some of them are pretty heavy with all the leather and other material used in the making.  I like those big leather saddles with all the beautiful leather tooling and silver Conchos.  The smell of leather is intoxicating and the feel of it and the squeaky sound it makes puts me out on the prairie herding the cows.

The little 17 lb Abetta.
The little 17 lb Abetta.

Well, I got into a bit of daydreaming there. So back to the saddle I needed put me on the Abetta web page where I found all the necessary information.  They sent me instructions on how to measure my mare and I sent it back.  In a short time my saddle arrived.  It not only fit her well, it was only seventeen pounds so was easy for me to lift it on her back.  I also bought a pad for under the saddle.  My friend had given me a bridle and bit so I was ready for our first ride.


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