What to Wear for a Rainy Ride

I can’t wait to go for a ride on my horse. The past few days I had had to work and now I have a day off. I jump out of bed with anticipation of spending time with Poppy. I look forward to enjoying the outdoors and soaking up some nature.

I look out the window and my plan to ride is dripping into puddles in the yard. Yep, I will certainly soak up some nature today. It’s raining. As I watch it does seem to be clearing a bit, maybe it won’t be so bad. I don’t want to be just a fair weather rider, do I? No, I’m tougher than that.

It will be good for both of us. Different smells and lighting on the trail will make for interesting riding. It’s good to ride in all kinds of situations to know your horse better and know that they will perform as well in foul weather as on the sunny days. It’s not all that cold and I have my old coat to wear. Okay, I have talked myself into it. Hope Poppy feels the same.

Some Rain Gear to Consider

My cheap poncho I got at the dollar store.
My cheap poncho I got at the dollar store.

There is actual rain gear to wear for raining weather like a slicker/poncho type of outer wear. It has a hood and usually is big enough to cover your legs as well as the saddle. I like to keep my saddle as dry as possible too.

Another item to consider is a duster type coat. I like those and they are rainproof. I’ve even heard of people wearing biker pants over their regular clothes. I think that is a great idea and would keep you warmer too.

I think wearing cowboy boots may not be good idea. Pulling on a pair of the rubber type boots would save the leather boots for sunnier days.

If Your Horse Doesn’t Like the Rain

My little mare is a bit wet, but I brush her down and dry her off as best I can. She doesn’t seem to mind when the saddle goes on. I’ve heard that some horses don’t care for the rain so if your horse is like that be cautious and introduce riding in the rain gradually. Also make sure they are not afraid of the poncho flapping around. Some ground training would help with that.

Final Thoughts

These are some thoughts for riding in other then sunny days. I for one have not rode in the rain a lot, but do on occasion. It’s good to be out. I don’t like being in the house all the time.

My hardest riding is in the dead of winter and there is snow on the ground. That is when I opt for riding in the covered arena or I don’t ride at all, which is a bummer. I know there are cowboys and cowgirls that are out riding in the snow too. For some it’s a have to thing because they have cows to feed or bring in and other ranch work to do.  In a way I envy them, but for now I’ll ride in soft rains and sunshine.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question and I will do my best to answer.

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