Who Are Some Well Known Horses?

Racing to the finish line.
Racing to the finish line.

When people think of famous horses, it seems race horses come to mind first. When I first thought about who some well known horses were I thought of Trigger and Mr. Ed. Is that the difference between a cowgirl and everyone else? Hmm.

To begin my search of who some well known horses are and were I went to Wikipedia. This resource has quite a list and of course the first section is race horses. Further down horses are itemized as show jumpers and competitive horses. Military horses are gathered here too. A general list covers other horses who are remembered for one thing or another. These are the horses I have heard of. There are so many interesting facts about these horses, some sad and all give a magnificent picture of the beautiful and majestic animal we call the horse.

Race Horses

Such race horses as Secretariat, a Triple Crown winner in 1973 and American Pharoah who most recently won the same race in 2015 has already made the list. Exterminator who was also known as Old Bones is identified here. He came by the nick name because he raced until the age of 9 which is old for a race horse. Man o’ War who won 20 of his 21 starts, is said to be America’s greatest race horse. Australia’s most famous race horse was Phar Lap. He won 37 of the 51 races he ran in. Since I am from the western side of Washington state, I would mention Seattle Slew who won the Triple Crown in 1977.

Military Horses

For military horses, Bucephalus is mentioned. He belonged to Alexander the Great. When this horse died his owner named and founded the city of Bucephala right where his beloved horse fell.


Other great military horses are Cincinnati who was one of Ulysses S. Grant’s horses. Comanche, who I’ve already written about was the lone survivor of Custer’s fight at the Little Big Horn. Traveler who carried Robert E. Lee to many battles is remembered here as well.

Recalling More Famous Horses

The last section is the horses who are remembered for one reason or another. These are ones I’m more familiar with. Buttermilk who galloped the range with Dale Evans aboard. Buttermilk was probably a bit overshadowed by Trigger and his famous rider, Roy Rogers. But they rode the trails together.

Another favorite of mine is Mr. Ed. A beautiful palomino with flowing golden mane talked his way to fame. I think my favorite episode is Mr. Ed with Clint Eastwood. It’s pretty funny. Wonder what Clint’s thoughts were on the episode?

There are so many more. When I first started thinking about researching well known steeds, I was thinking along the lines of such cowboy characters as Little Joe Cartwright, Hoss, Ben, and Adam. I’m wondering who the Appy was in Run Appaloosa Run. What about horses rode by the Barkley’s in Big Valley or horses that Trampas and the Virginian rode in the show The Virginian? But in my research quest I found more wonderful horses in different areas of life.


Oh, my, the list could be endless. I could talk about the oldest horse, the tallest, and smallest as well. Sounds fun.  From time to time I will write more about horses that are deemed famous and should be remembered fondly.

Thank you for stopping by my hitching post. Please leave a comment or ask a question. I’ll do my best to answer. Do you have a well known horse you’d like to talk about please add the name in the comments below.

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